Secure transaction and payment methods

Your online purchases are always simpler and more reliable with ShopCoswell.


Forms of payment accepted
Payment can be made by credit card or PayPal

Marchi di accettazione PayPal   

If you wish to pay with your Credit Card, ensure you enter the card details correctly. The transaction The transaction will be carried out via PayPal which guarantees the security of the data transactiont. Your credit card details will be sent directly to the secure server of the reference bank without going through our site, thus ensuring the greatest possible security.

PayPal is responsible for sending such data on authorised international Visa and Mastercard circuits and forwarding it to us after the transaction, returning a reply page that will provide the buyer with the information on the successful completion of the purchase. This system consists of creating a safe transmission channel that allows the Customer to securely send confidential information directly to the bank. All personal data entered on the form will therefore be suitably protected.

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Pagamenti con PayPal

From today, your online purchases are even more simple!

PayPal is a simple online payment system which is an alternative to the credit card. Using PayPal is really easy : open a free account, confirm your email and associate a payment method to your PayPal account. You will then be able to make purchases from the most prestigious online shops paying with a simple click in full confidence.

With PayPal you won’t have to enter your financial details for every purchase, nor share your personal data with the vendor.


Is VAT already included in the order’s total?
VAT is included in individual product prices, and therefore in the total of your order. Business Option : if you are a company and have a VAT ID number the price of products added to your shopping cart will be exclusive of VAT, as well as the total of the order.


When will the amount be charged to the credit card ? 
The amount will be charged to your credit card upon confirmation of the order.


Are the credit card details used for the purchase protected?
The credit card details are protected and secure as they are sent directly to PayPal. Your credit card details do not pass and are therefore not stored on the INCOS Cosmeceutica Industriale S.r.l. server.