EUBELL - GELON Emulsion for gelons

EUBELL - GELON Emulsion for gelons

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FLEBODERM - tablets 30 cps

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Bilberry-based Fleboderm tablets with vitamin C, organic chromium and centella are recommended for the treatment of blemishes caused by cellulite and for the stimulation of micro-circulation. To be taken in cycles during the year, particularly during hot periods. NUTRACEUTICAL product.

A great help for the function of the microcirculation and the contrast of cellulite.

The line philosophy: Supplementary daily intake of water and food in the various seasons in order to have a constant supply of vasoprotective substances and anti-cellulite, otherwise not available with the normal diet.

Fleboderm® is a line of products that alongside treatment products "traditional", indicated for the treatment of acute symptoms in periods (cream and tablets), totally new products (teas, sachets and plugs) able to supplement the normal daily diet and carry out a preventive action to avoid the onset of the disorder. Fleboderm®: the first line of products designed not only for the TREATMENT but also for the Prevention of venous insufficiency and cellulite. Thanks to the quality and quantity of active ingredients available in each product line, Fleboderm® is the only line of supplements on the market that can boast synergistic activity on venous-lymphatic circulation and simultaneously on cellulite, both qualitatively and quantitatively effective.


Fleboderm Tablets


For the treatment of acute symptoms.

Blueberry: anthocyanins contained in blueberry preserve the elasticity of the venous walls

Vitamin C and Chromium Organic: they act on the microcirculation improving vascular elasticity, reducing the swelling and the risk of thrombosis

Centella: improves blood circulation and has anti-cellulite action, thanks to production stimulation of new collagen fibers in the blood vessel wall by reducing edema. Indicated in cases of chronic venous insufficiency

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