ISOMAR Nasal Aspirator

ISOMAR Nasal Aspirator

Isomar Allergies Spray

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Isotonic Seawater Isomar Allergies Spray is moisturizing of the irritated respiratory tract. Helps prevent and combat the symptoms of colds and allergies, thanks to: - Sea water of the Marine Park of the Cinque Terre - Aloe Vera - Malva - Beta Glucan - Eucalyptus

Is a medical device CE Read warnings and instructions for use Ministerial authorization to advertising of 24.10.2014
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How does Isomar Spray Allergies works? The sea water purified and made isotonic (0.9% sodium chloride) is indicated to moisturize and thin the mucus, helping to expel allergens and irritants. The Aloe Vera juice and mucilage of Malva create a thin protective film that prevents contact of allergens and bacteria with the mucosa. The Beta Glucan, a substance derived from yeast, favoring the permanence of the product on the mucosa, counteracts dryness.

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