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Kit Strengthened Immune

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Kit Flat Stomach

Kit Stop Dysentery

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Kit Stop Dysentery 

The Stop Dysentery kit contains the best products Angelica useful for rebalancing the intestinal flora:

-1 Live milk enzymes and vitamins FAST
-1 Supplement Turmeric
-1  Supplement magnesium and potassium

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1 x L'Angelica - Lactic Ferments and Vitamins 12 Stick   + €7.43
1 x L' Angelica Turmeric 75 cpr   + €4.73
1 x L'Angelica Food Supplements Magnesium and Potassium   + €8.28

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Kit Stop Dysentery
Kit Stop Dysentery

In stock


    The Angelica Live milk enzymes and vitamins FAST The Angelica Turmeric The Angelica supplement magnesium and potassium
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