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Kit Draining

Kit Drain Slim

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Kit Drain Slim

The Drain Slim kit contains the best products Angelica to eliminate excess fluids and regain your Silhoette

-1  Supplement Drena Slim Plus

-1 Tea Soluble Line

-1 Draining Herbal Tea

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1 x L' Angelica - Food Supplements Drena Slim Plus   + €7.34
1 x L'Angelica - Herbal tea soluble Silhouette   + €4.14
1 x L'Angelica - Herbal tea Draining   + €2.84

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Kit Drain Slim
Kit Drain Slim

In stock



    The Angelica supplement Drena Slim Plus

    The Angelica Tea Soluble Line

    The Angelica Draining Herbal Tea

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