Kit  stomach relief

Kit stomach relief

Kit Wellness Cardio Circulatory

Kit Wellness Cardio Circulatory

Kit Antistress

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Kit_ Antistress

Kit Antistress

The AntistressKit contains the best products Angelica useful for regain psycho-physical well-being during times of stress:

-  1 Tonic Breakfast Green Tea

- 1 Chamomile Organic Setacciata 

- 1 B Complex supplement Melatonin

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1 x L'Angelica - Green Tea Tonic Breakfast   + €2.69
1 x L'Angelica - Chamomile   + €2.07
1 x L'Angelica - Melatonine Bi-Complex 40 Cps   + €9.41

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Kit Antistress
Kit Antistress

In stock



    The Angelica- Herbal Tonic Breakfast

    The Angelica-Organic Chamomile Setacciata

    The Angelica- Melatonin supplement B Complex

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