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Zanzarella Ambiente In&Out

Gandini Home Fragrance Diffuser

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An aroma diffuser environments, but not only ... ... and also create your own fragrance for environments!

The new Gandini Home Diffuser is the latest of a historic brand, synonymous with experience and tradition. Its innovative design helps to create a magical atmosphere in the environments, spreading the aroma quickly and consistently. It purifies the air by ultrasonic nebulizer fragrances, moisturizing.


  • Ionizer
  • Environment humidifier
  • Aroma diffuser
  • Air Purifier
  • Stimulates Chromotherapy


  • Floreal 10 ml
  • Woody 10 ml
  • Citrus 10 ml
  • Oriental 10 ml
    1. Aroma Diffuser: Fill water and essential oil, it spreads quickly and constantly your favourite scent inside your home in a very natural way thanks to its ultrasounds that doesn't burn the essential oils but atomizes and hydrates them.
    2. Environment Humidifyier: It maintains the constant humidity percentage in the air thanks to the continuous dispersion of steam.
    3. Ionizer: Thankz to the ultrasounds negative ions are generated in a natural way like in the forest and near the waterfalls.
    4. Air purifier: Thanks to the elevated quantity of negative ions the air purifier helps lower the toxicity of some elements in the air.
    5. Chromotherapy: Thanks to the led lighting aroma diffuser thet changes color in a natural and gradual way, body and mind find again harmony and well being.

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