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Dolorelax Gel

Dolorelax Self-Heating Patches

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Dolorelax for muscle tissue is a natural source of rapidly released heat which is suitable for any personal requirements if used correctly, and stays active at a pleasant temperature for several hours. Dolorelax is appropriate for soothing the acute suffering caused by rheumatic ailments and alleviating period cramps and pains (dysmenorrhea). Dolorelax calms arthrits pain. The medical device consists of a blend of ferrous powders which generate a rapid oxidation process in contact with oxygen in the air, producing heat.


Check that your skin is dry and not sweaty befor using. Remove the bandage from its plastic backing, remove the film protecting the adhesive part and apply the product to the painful area; do not use the product while splepping, as it could cause burns. Be particularly careful if using the product on sensitive skin. Do not dampen, cut or tear the bandage. Seek medical attention if accidentally inhaled. Rinse with running water and seek medical attention in the event of contact with the eyes. Do not microwave.


Iron, sodium polyacrylate, active carbon, sodium chloride, sodium tripolyphoshate, water.


For external use only. Do not use in the presence of eczema on the skin; do not use on people who would be unable to remove the bandage on their own (the elderly, the disabled, children). Do not apply to the face or to injured skin (cuts and wounds of any kind, eczema or skin rashes).Do not apply to skin that has been treated with ointments, creams or gels. Do not u on skin where you have already applied the product within the last 24 hours. Do not use on skin where another heating device has been applied. Seek medical attention or consult a pharmacist before using ¡f you have circulatory problems or difficulty perceiving temperature, or when pregnant.


Do not reuse. Keep out of the reach of children. Keep in a cool, dry place and avoid direct exposure to the sun. Product may be disposed of with ordinary urban wastes after use. Use before expiration date.

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