Prep - Stick Dermoprotettiva 10ml

Prep - Stick Dermoprotettiva 10ml

Crema PREP rigenera talloni

Crema PREP rigenera talloni

Dolorelax Medical heat belt

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The heating belt is particularly suitable for sensitive skin or for those who want to avoid the use of adhesive products. Suitable for both chronic and occasional pain.

The device provides 8 hours of thermotherapy treatment at a temperature of about 40 ° C.

Contains: 1 belt + 2 refills


The device is a heat source and, if it is correctly used, it is suitable to relieve pain and discomfort caused by muscle tightness. The prolonged heat, at a constant temperature, is able to increase blood circulation, relaxing the musculature. It helps the muscle to return to its well-being as the heat allows the transportation of more oxygen. It also promotes nerve stimulation as the temperature is able to hide the transmission of pain. The medical device is a self-heating belt and inside it, there are the warmers that contain natural elements (iron, carbon, salt, water) that in contact with oxygen in the air develop constant heat for 8 hours. The device adheres perfectly to body shape and follows its movement. The strip is made from a material called nonwoven, which is odorless and it is easy to put on and remove. The device is invisible under clothing and light.

COMPOSITION: Iron powder, water, activated carbon, water-absorbing polymer, sodium tripolyphosphate, sodium chloride, sodium sulfite, vermiculite, wood powder

INTENDED USE: The device is effective for muscle pain and stiffness in the areas of the back, for lumbago and for menstrual pain. It is suitable for both chronic pain and for those occasional. The device is effective for both soreness muscles prevention and treatment.


  1. Open the envelope ( only immediately before use ) and remove the warmer.
  2. Place the warmer on a flat surface for at least 30 seconds.
  3. Place the warmers into specific pockets belt with the white side facing out.
  4. Apply the belt around your waist on the affected area (back or abdomen) directly to the skin ( intact skin, clean and dry). Adjust the belt with the velcro strip, not too tight. The band reaches the maximum temperature ( 40° C) in about 30 minutes and develop constant heat for 8 hours.
  5. Remove delicately the band after 8 hours. Dispose of the belt and the 2 warmers. Do not use more than 8 hours. Wait 24 hours after using the belt to use a second one.
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