Enteroflora Symbio 20 capsules

Enteroflora Symbio 20 capsules

Dolorelax ICE BAG TNT

Dolorelax ICE BAG TNT

Dolorelax ICE BAG

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Solid instant ice in a bag

Thanks to the instant of cold, acts quickly in case of bruises and injuries, creating a cooling effect that lasts up to 30 minutes.

Available in two variants:

  • Box containing two polyethylene bags
  • single envelope in TNT (non-woven)

Indications for Use: Bruises, sprains, trauma, ipertemie and in all cases in which need cryotherapy and use of cold.


Break the inside water bubble, by squeezing the bag with both hands. Then shake it in order tomix the contents. Apply on the interested part.


Haematomas, sprains, injuries, hyperthermia and whenever cold application is required.


Disposable product for external use only. Do not break the bag or cause oufflow of the content. The content stains and it is noxius if igested. In that case, immediately consult a doctor. store at room temperature, out the reach of children, far from heat sorces ad from inflammable substances. Do not apply on injured skin. Do not use on unconscious people. Before using it on babies, children, aged people and people affected by diabetes, cardiovascular and circulation disorders or skin insesibility (syndrome of Raynaud) consult a doctor. If in doubt on the treatment to carry out or if the symptomatology persists consult your doctor.


Mixture of nitrogenous salts (as required by EC Regulation 1907/2006 and as amended) and water.

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