Dolorelax ICE BAG

Dolorelax ICE BAG

Dolorelax Med Ice hot

Dolorelax Med Ice hot

Dolorelax ICE BAG TNT

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Instant ice

For quick relief from pain caused dacontusioni, Sprains, bruises, muscle strain, trauma and strokes In Kind but anchepunture insects, jellyfish, stinging plants, sunburn.

Is a medical device  CE0123
Read warnings and instructions for use.
Ministerial authorization to advertising of 26.11.2012

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Break the inside water bubble, by squeezing the bag with both ends. Then shake it ¡n order to mix the contents. Apply on the interested part.

INDICATIONS: Haematomatos, sprains, injuries, hyperthermia and whenever cold application is required.

CAUTION: Disposable product for externaluse only. Do not break the bag or cause the oufflow of the contents. Keep away from heat sorces and inflammable substances. Keep out of children’s reach. Use it at room temperature. The contents stain. If ingested the contents are noxious. In the case consult a doctor immediately. Do not apply on injured skin. Before using on babies, children, aged people and people affected by diabetes, ..cardiovascul& and circulation disorders or skin insensibility (syndrome of Raynaud) consult a doctor. If in doubt on treatment to carry out or it the symptomatology persists, consult your doctor.

CONTENT: Mixture of nitrogenous salts (as required by [C Regulation 1907/2006 and as amended) and water.

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