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Dolorelax Joints relief 40 Cps

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Enteroflora Symbio 20 capsules

Dolorelax - Heating Wraps

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Thermotherapy medical devices


DOLORELAX Med Neck-Shoulder - Wrist is a self-heating wrap useful to give relief to tense, tired and cramped muscle giving a pleasant and well tolerated heat for about 8 hours. The wrap is made of a soff and pleasing to the touch material and has particular cells which contain natural elements such as iron, coal and salt which in contact with air oxygen generate heat. Its contoured shape adapts specifically to the different areas of application.

Healthy effects of heat: ¡t improves blood flow through the blood vessel dilation. This increases the supply of oxygen and vital nutrients to the cells of muscle tissue. The heat reduces the tension, relieves pain, relax and improves mobility.

Instruction for use, warnings, contraindications and side effects: please read the enclosed leaflet.

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