Isomar Occhi Monodose

ISOMAR Occhi - Eye Drops Monodose

ISOMAR  Single-dose decongestant vials

ISOMAR Single-dose decongestant vials

Isomar Occhi Eyedrops

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Eye Drops Multidose

It moisturizes, cools, lubricates, soothes, does not burn. Isomar OCCHI can be used in presence of contact lenses. Isomar OCCHI Multidose can be used up to 30 days after first opening due to the presence of the preservative N-hydroxymethyl glycinate, which promotes an anti-bacterial action.

Is a medical device CE 0123 Read warnings and instructions for use Ministerial authorization to advertising of 24.10.2014"

Isomar Occhi contains hyaluronic acid with moisturizing action and able to give a pleasant feeling of freshness. The moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid is strengthened by the presence of Hypromellose that creates a protective barrier on the cornea, counteracting the evaporation of the tear fluid and hyaluronic acid and increasing in this way the ocular hydration.

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