L'Angelica and Mister Baby - Chamomile Herbal tea

L'Angelica and Mister Baby - Chamomile Herbal tea

Mister Baby Silicone Baby Bottle 18+ 350ml

Mister Baby Silicone Baby Bottle 18+ 350ml

L'Angelica and Mister Baby - Herbal tea Fennel

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Fennel helps digestion, alleviating the sense of bloating.

The seeds of fennel have always been used to naturally counteract the little annoyances of stomach and especially colics in infants. From the experience of the Advanced Research Center with the scientific contribution L’Angelica, the Mister Baby Fennel liquid herbal tea was created; thanks to the squeezable bottle allows you to prepare a quick and pleasant drink even in warm or cold water suitable for any time of the day.

Doses: 2 PUSH=1dose (4ml=5gr of granular powder)

Ingredients: Grape sugar, of finocchio1,9% extract, natural aroma of fennel.

How to use

Press once the bottle in 100 ml of water (the correct dosage is a teaspoon, equal to 4 ml), stir and drink the tea. Consume within a few hours. The dose may be increased if necessary to 2 teaspoons according to your tastes. Once opened, it is recommended to keep the bottle in the fridge and consume within one month from opening. Please follow the instructions for the preparation of the product. The consumption of sweetened drinks can interfere with breastfeeding, to be preferred up to the sixth month of age. It is important to take care of the baby dental hygiene after the consumption of sweet drinks or foods in order to avoid the risk of dental caries.

Grape sugar is naturally extracted from grapes, It is purified but it does not undergo any refining process, at the contrary of sucrose (table sugar). Its content of sugars is 65% (glucose and fructose), To have a drink with a good balance of sweetened taste. But with less content of sugars. It contains fructose and glucose simple carbohydrates in fast absorption, which do not raise the glycemic index. 

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